My name is Irina Gache. I'm a visual artist living and working in Bucharest, Romania, but often feel like i wander around everywhere, in somehow of Wonderland, seeing and feeling things and people in a way that i can't always seem to find the right words to describe. When i discovered photography it was like finding the Holy Grail to hold and keep everything that i come in contact with. I see the world in frames and i love to allure people into the images i create and the atmospheric overload. I have an overactive mind that sometimes feels like a thunderstorm of visions and images which the camera can't always satisfy and then i turn to mixed media collages and painting, but what I love the most is capturing emotions and giving life to both my inner visions and those of others in a sort of dance of souls that always come out when creating. I can get lost in objects, colors and lights and i never get bored. There's something in everything that just has a story and a light itself that i see and have to capture. 
"Priveste Dincolo de Reflexie" , in colaborare cu Alexandra Crisbasan, la Gallery:
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